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Dream Lab: Photos of Gregory Privat for Diplomatico: Eddy Toral

Creativity Research:

Photos of Magali Folmer with Ravi Coltrane, Daniel Humair, Pierre Boussaguet, Ricardo del Fra, Richard Bona interview, Didier Lockwood, Thomas Enhco: Yan Luat

Photo Richard Bona & Magali Folmer: Patrick Artinian

Photo Sharon Jones & Magali Folmer: Louise Oligny


Main page:

Header: Photo of Marcus Miller: Louise Oligny

Photo used for quote “Have you got the F-Factor”, for Jodorowsky quote, and picture pineapple used for “How we do it”, “You are a company”: Ed Gregory

Photo used for quote “What would you do if you knew you couln´t fail”: Chris Lawton

Photo used for “What we do”: 

“Boost creative potential”: The Typical Female Magazine.

(paints and brushes) Danielle MacInnes

“Develop your dream”: Public domain archive

“Increase your Leadership”: Pinterest

Photo yellow background: Rodion Kutsaev

Photo for Team, Collaborators: Openphotonet

Photo contact coffee cup: Annie Spratt

Photo Magali Folmer: Yolanda Piñol


Inside pages:

Photo used for “What we do”: Andrew Ridley

Photo used for “What we do”- “Public speaking”: Tamaki Sono

Photo used for “You are company” > “Creativity & Innovation”: Startup Stock Photos ; “Emotional Intelligence” (Marguerite): Aaron Burden / image unsplash; “Communication in a change context” (spiral): Ed Gregory

Photo used for “You are an artist”: Louise Oligny; Freestock; Ramrot ( sharpened pencil)

Photos of Creativity Coaching Workshop: Alexia Gruau, Hoala Spain

Photo used for DreamLab “Collaboration on music album” (Header): Dayne Topkin

Photo used for The Team, Magali Folmer: Raumrot

They Trust us: Photo Gregory Privat : Roch Armando