Magali Folmer´s unquenchable curiosity for human potential and love for art led her to conduct research on creativity with world-class musicians.


Magali Folmer went to the heart of creativity with exceptional musicians to understand what makes them so creative and talented.

The goal was to “model” (in NLP terms) the artists´ creativity – that is to say, understand deeply its mechanisms to find the structure of excellence-  in order to develop tools that can INSPIRE individuals and enhance their creativity.

Also, she was interested in knowing what they learned from their artistic collaborations with their peers Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin…to name only a few.


Unearthing the artists´ creative processes allows her, as a Creativity Coach, to develop a deeper understanding of musicians and of the intangible elements that make the difference.

She turned those learnings into tools and use them in her Creativity Coaching sessions, in Workshops, and in Conferences.


Magali´s background in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) gave her great tools to get to the core of things and gain a deep understanding of the creative process.


To lead this research Magali interviewed film directors, actors, stand up comedians and a mime, before focusing on musicians: Richard Bona, Ravi Coltrane, Archie Shepp, Sharon Jones, Dave Liebman, Pierre Boussaguet, Daniel Humair, Didier Lockwood, Thomas Enhco, Stéphane Guillaume, Marcus Miller, Ricardo del Fra, Get the Blessing…

Some interviews were commissioned by La Ferté Jazz Festival, WolfiJazz Festival and Segré Saveurs Jazz Festival. These festivals are part of the Spedidam network. They were filmed by Jérôme Berthelot and Montevideo.

This is an on-going and lifetime research. Magali Folmer is happy to work with artists who wish to unearth their creative process and find new ways to expand it.

She feels very grateful for the wonderful moments and inspiring conversations shared with the artists.

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