The “F-Factor” Method is a melting pot of different disciplines that have proven their efficiency for many years.

It encourages an introspective approach, based on a greater awareness of oneself.

The “F-Factor Method” is based on an approach that takes into account the person as a whole – a 5-DIMENSION approach – and stems from Magali Folmer research on creativity, and on her varied educational background (NLP, Gestalt, communication…).

We consider that we are made of 5 dimensions, which are also 5 types of intelligences and 5 batteries of energy:

The Rational dimension: the intellect with its ideas and imagination
The Emotional dimension
The Physical dimension: the body and the senses
The Social dimension: relationship with others
The Spiritual dimension: our place in the world, the meaning of what we do…

The “F-Factor Method” aims at balancing and aligning those 5 Dimensions, which leads to a virtuous circle.

Indeed, when balanced, we experience health, great energy and successful behaviours for we are in the adequate conditions for action and success.

We use Ericksonian HYPNOSIS and its principles to encourage a greater connection with our unconscious mind, which enables people to untap into infinite inner resources.


To us, coaching is like a pineapple.

Surprising, isn´t it?

Well, we consider that we all have layers that protect us (some thoughts, behaviours, beliefs or postures) and that can limit us. Once we go through this protection, we can reach what´s juicy and bright in ourselves. We can truly reach the core of who we are.

Coaching helps you peal those layers to reach your essence, and your inner light.

It helps you connecting with what gives you energy and vitamins of life!

Your passion, values, skills, vision, your goal and the meaning of your actions…

Our unconscious mind contains an unlimited creation potential.

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The “F-Factor” stands for


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