Who you are translates into your creations.

Indeed, self-development and artistic development are closely linked.

Your identity, your values and your vision shape your artistic identity and that is why we work with an inside-out approach.

We work on your personal as well as on your professional development, because getting to know yourself better helps you develop your identity from an authentic perspective. And this is your prime creative material.

Magali Folmer´s coaching approach coupled with her background as a Communication Consultant and her Research on Creativity with musicians allows her to accompany artists from different and yet complementary perspectives.

We are registered as a Training Organisation, which means that if you are an “intermittent du spectacle” or an entrepreneur, you might be eligible to receive a grant (AFDAS or other organisation).

Know yourself. You are your prime creative material


There are various topics on which we can accompany you:


  • Increase your performance and unleash your potential.
  • Approach: coaching and hypnosis.

Stage performance:

“L´improvisation ça se travaille”

  • Preparing concerts and artistic projects
  • Improving your connection with the audience and managing your energy on stage
  • Managing stage fright and stress

Career management:

  • Building your “Success Compass” that will keep you aligned, and help you channel your energy towards the suitable direction. It also helps to keep you on track in moments of doubts.
  • Indeed, artists should consider and develop their activity as entrepreneurs. As such, it is crucial to lay the foundation of your “enterprise”.

Communication skills:

  • Preparing radio interviews, TV, public speaking. Structure the message…
  • Enhancing interpersonal communication skills to gain clarity and (self)-confidence.
You are artist_Coaching_Freestock_l

How: We set clearly your objective during the first meeting and establish the frequency and the amount of coaching sessions estimated to help you reach your goal.

90 minutes coaching session. In Paris or on Skype.

Terms: If you are an “intermittent du spectacle” or an entrepreneur, you might be eligible to receive a grant (AFDAS or other organisations).




What is the workshop about?
Being on stage or on camera, singing, playing means a “controlled loss of control”!
We explore this loss of control through tools and exercises that help managing stage fright. So you will be able to be at your best both technically and musically, while letting go and enjoying yourself.

You are an artist_Stage fright_Louise Oligny

What you’ll do:


  • The training is collaborative and is based on practical and fun exercises in which you work with your emotions and explore your fears.
  • Play with different constraints and emotions.
  • Work on the storytelling of your piece.

How we do it:


  • 5 Dimensions” approach – a coaching tool addressing the person comprehensively: the mind dimension, the body, the emotional, the relationship and the spiritual dimension.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.
  • Visualisation and coaching tools.

Client: Périnet (instrument manufacturer), Conservatoire

Terms: If you are an “intermittent du spectacle” or an entrepreneur, you might be eligible to receive a grant (AFDAS or other organisations).