Dr Mario Varvoglis, Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and Magali Folmer are conducting a research to understand how people can use more of their brain capacity to develop their intuition and creativity.

Based on that research they lead Workshop Sessions on “Leadership & Intuition” for Executives.

They are exploring and integrating different fields and tools such as:

 – Hypnosis, Psy-research, Neuro-science, Meditation, Coaching, Visualisation and Self consciousness to name only a few.

The aim is to understand what makes people access their intuition, and to find ways and techniques to develop that connection.

*** Feel free to contact us if you´d like us to Speak at an event or conduct a Workshop on the topic.

Who´s Dr Mario Varvoglis?

Dr Mario Varvoglis is a Consultant in Organizational Creativity & Innovation.

He is also the director of L´Institut Métapsychique International (IMI) in Paris, and worked as a parapsychologist in New York Maimonides Hospital Division of Parapsychology and Psychophysics, and in Princeton (Psychophysical Research Laboratories).